Strategic Services

Visioning and Strategic Analysis

EntOrgCorp, LLC has the capabilities to provide support and guidance on the strategic planning and execution processes beginning with visioning and inclusive of performance management with a focus on technology strategy and a delivery capability for organizational strategy. Specific capabilities include organizational statements (development and review), environmental scanning, internal analysis, long- and short-term strategy objectives formulation, and development and execution of a performance management framework. Other capabilities include development of strategic roadmaps, strategic themes/thrusts, value-chain strategic analysis, and strategic communications.

Program/Project Management Office Support

EntOrgCorp, LLC has the ability to provide program-project management office support. Specific capabilities in this area include project lifecycle management, cost-benefit analysis, business analysis, and functional analysis. EntOrgCorp, LLC also has the capability to provide project-initiative monitoring, quality assurance and acceptance, and project review analysis. Other capabilities inherent within PMO support include administrative functions such as the development of briefs and reports, operations research, and risk-management.

Organizational Development/Change Management Interventions

EntOrgCorp, LLC has the capability to guide and assist client organizations in organizational development and change management interventions. This includes developing interventions employing prescriptive and non-prescriptive frameworks, developing and executing change communication strategies, development of learning events, and positioning the workforce for change.

Knowledge Management

EntOrgCorp, LLC has the capability to develop knowledge management interventions and knowledge sustainment strategies. This includes being able to effectively develop and leverage individual and group knowledge employing both system and processes.

Management Consulting

EntOrgCorp, LLC knows that with our abilities to deliver on client needs and expectations are largely our commitment to recruiting and hiring the most talented and capable people available. Our team knows strategy and technology and are committed to delivering on your strategic requirements through the development and delivery of technology that fits organizational strategic goals and objectives.