Technical Services

System/Software Development

EntOrgCorp, LLC resolves software and system gaps critical to your mission and strategy and not inherent within system-based enterprise solutions or legacy-based systems. EntOrgCorp, LLC has the ability to deliver solutions employing rapid application, waterfall, agile, and other project management frameworks to get client solutions from solution prototype-to-implementation.

Enterprise Migration and Implementation Strategies

EntOrgCorp, LLC provides module and system implementation, training, and customization within enterprise resource planning systems. Capabilities include module implementation, customization, and training, as well as middleware and cross-platform solutions. Expertise in SAP, Oracle, J.D. Edwards, and other major system solution systems.

Legacy Preservation

EntOrgCorp, LLC has the capability to provide advisement on and work to extend life of legacy systems. This capability centers on maximizing functionality and system capability within existing legacy systems and responding to fiscal constraints while still ensuring that systems meet the operational requirements needed to deliver on organizational mission and operational requirements.

Custom Web Development

EntOrgCorp, LLC custom web development services center on users that see a rich HTML web experience. Our services are for the companies and small business owners that want to extend beyond a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach and create websites that focus on user-experience, maximizes functionality, focuses on actionable analytics, and aligns with your business strategy and operations. Included is an option for monthly service and maintenance/content upkeep on easy-to-understand payment plans – you don’t have to be a IT professional to understand our value – quite simply: It’s centered on your needs leveraging our capabilities and efficient cost structure.

Technology Roadmaps

EntOrgCorp, LLC builds and delivers technology based on client strategic requirements. The technology is developed during the strategic planning and execution processes, assessing strategic fit and functionality to give your organization a competitive edge.

Technical Consulting

EntOrgCorp, LLC products and services are developed and designed in with a goal for our clients to leverage and exploit their distinctive capabilities and build and maintain an advantage in advantage in the marketplace or effectively meet stakeholder needs and business requirements.