EntOrgCorp, LLC guides you in taking your scrappy start-up to a durable, business entity.  From the entrepreneur, to the organization, to the corporation, we are your business partner.
Focused Strategy

EntOrgCorp, LLC provides strategy that fits our clients needs based on deep levels of expertise, highly skilled and motivated teams, and a commitment to delivery excellence.

Leading-Edge Technology

EntOrgCorp, LLC develops, designs, implements, and delivers software and information technology solutions that fit, enable, and drive your company's strategic agenda as you scale.  We guide you to a cost-effective IT so that your business needs drive the technology - keeping you in the driver's seat.

In-Demand Training

EntOrgCorp, LLC provides high-quality, cost-competitive leadership and soft-skill training through its Academy. Attendees are placed with our business partners on topics ranging from emotional intelligence, team-building, to conflict resolution.