George Taylor

Co-Founder/Managing Member

George is the founder/management member of EntOrgCorp, LLC.  He is a naval veteran that served a successful enlisted-to-officer career.  George has owned several consulting firms beginning with a human capital firm VaStrat that eventually scaled into a HR-IT firm helping clients leverage enterprise systems capabilities and measure performance.  He is also an owner of a real-estate investment group that specializes in the acquisition of Class B and C commercial properties and multi-unit residential properties.

George is also an academic and teaches at three colleges.  His areas of expertise include strategy, management, and human resources.  He is published in academic journals, participates in academic journal conferences and symposiums.  George is currently working on his first book that encompasses the principles he helps clients positions their businesses for success.

George has a management doctorate degree along with a MBA (Information Systems).  He is pursuing a second doctorate and is active in major professional organizations.  He also helps guides doctoral students in completing their doctoral journey through dissertation editing and research services.  He spends his free time exercising and reading.

Michael Thompson

Co-Founder/Managing Member

Michael is a co-founder/managing member of EntOrgCorp, LLC. A highly skilled information system professional, Michael has over 10 years experience in solving complex IT problems and achieving high degrees of collaboration among line and staff professionals within Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups. Michael’s expertise stretches across multiple computer languages and system platforms. His professional goal is to consistently develop systems that meet the needs of end-users that enabling those users to deliver on client and customer expectations.

Michael’s professional background also included serving as a military officer within the U.S. Navy prior to becoming a managing member of EntOrgCorp, LLC. He holds multiple project management certifications and holds a master’s degree in Business Administration.