Entorgcorp Academy

EntOrgCorp, LLC Academy provides leadership training that is relevant to your organization.  Our goal is to employ you or help enhance your market value and brand by equipping you with skills that organization need . . . today!

EntOrgCorp, LLC works directly with your organization to place talent that possess the actual skills that you require. The problem we are addressing is that gap in what’s actually possessed compared to what’s stated or suggested. The impact on our client’s businesses is significant savings on turnover costs and unqualified hires. EntOrgCorp, LLC also holds special sessions for our clients who seek a de facto extension of their on-boarding process to ensure candidates are positioned for in-role technical and interpersonal skill success prior to entering your unique organizational culture and its environment.

Our value to you is that we are able to empirically measure and verify stated skills and actual possessed skills, working to close that gap so that you have a motivated IT professional ready to do the work. Your placement success stands center in providing value to you. Your placement success is our success, and contributes to the career success of your client and the candidate.

IT Development Workshops: These are short sessions (generally a week or less) that focus on IT technical training summaries (i.e. project management principles, software demoing and development, JAVA summary sessions and interpersonal skills development). The attendee is someone entering or re-entering the job market, or seeking to hone their skills.

Java/J2EE Workshops: JAVA evolved as a ubiquitous programming language. Gaining experience and becoming proficient within this object-oriented language empowers you to work across a variety of industries and sectors. Additionally, there are a number of application development frameworks that evolved over the past decade. The spring framework is one of the most popular application development frameworks for developing enterprise Java applications since its release in 2003. The combination of JAVA and spring framework may enhance your marketability of getting a job even in the toughest economic times. This JAVA application development course is targeted for people that are interested in pursuing their career in software development. By the end of this course, you should be comfortable creating web based applications using JAVA based on the spring framework.

ADF Development: ADF is an Application Development Framework developed by Oracle to develop all the Fusion applications. Participants would get an opportunity to work on the latest ADF technologies and integrating ADF applications with JAVA/J2EE and BC4J technologies with the help of a real-time project..

Check the Register for Courses tab and News & Events sections of this site to find out the dates of our latest courses along with scheduled speakers and guests.

Attendee Satisfaction: EntOrgCorp, LLC workshops are designed to deliver quality, in-demand training at affordable prices. We are confident that you will develop skills and competencies that will be applicable and relevant to your needs relevant to your company and assuming consistency between course offering and profession or academic degree track. If for any reason, you are dissatisfied, please write us outlining the reason(s) you were not satisfied. Upon review, we will work to arrange for you to attend another workshop conducive to your schedule without hassle.

Program Tracks and Workshop Schedules:
Team Building: Tulsa, OK – Jan 2018
Team Building: Memphis, TN – March 2018